Mid-Pen Chiro's Muscle Rehabalitation Clinic


When a muscle is injured, that muscle contracts until  it can heal, shortening as collagen fibers attach and accumulate to protect the injured area. This accumulation of collagen results in  internal scarring that contributes to the loss of flexibility and mobility. Once the muscle has healed, the collagen remains and range of motion is limited.
To correct this loss of motion, the muscle must be mobilized to lengthen the area that contracted during the healing process. Until this correction happens, the body will compensate for the loss of strength and motion by redirecting pressure to other muscles and body parts. Proper muscle rehabilitation is necessary accelerate the healing process, lengthening and strengthening the injured components until the injured muscle regains full functionality.
At Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic, we address the total health of the muscle from healing to lengthening and strengthening until the maximum possible recovery is obtained. When supplemented by chiropractic care for spinal re-alignment, the different body parts can regain proper their functions and motion. Click here to contact us with any questions