Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic of Menlo Park


Each patient brings a specific set of issues that a doctor needs to understand and then try to resolve. A good doctor evaluates each patient individually and develops a customized a course or treatment for that individual, listening to and educating the patient along the way to accelerate and optimize treatment.At MidPenChiro, we emphasize quality time with each patient, not the quantity of patients we can see.
At Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic Clinic, we take pride in providing the best course of care possible for each individual patient. MidPenChiro is located in downtown Menlo Park and has been successfully helping people manage and treat pain for more than 20 years.
At MidPenChiro, you will never be rushed. And we know that your time is valuable so we try not to make you wait. If you are early, we  offer free Wifi in our lobby and a mini gym to stretch-out before your appointment.  Again, at MidPenChiro, we want quality time with each patient.
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