ERGONOMICS is the "study of work" and specifically, how we fit into our work environment. Long work sessions without breaks, poor posture, poor workstation positioning or poorly fitted equipment can lead to repetitive stress and strain injuries (RSI). These injuries can result in lower productivity at work and a lower quality of life at home when everyday activities become painful. 


RSI or Overuse injuries are more easily treated when caught early at the first signs of discomfort. If the cause and the resulting injury are ignored for too long, a person can develop serious injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, sciatica and an improper curvature of the spine which may cause additional headaches, back and neck pain. Pain is your body's way of saying "Get Help!"


The combination of ergonomics expertise combined with chiropractic care is often the best way to manage and heal repetitive strain injuries. Dr. Ben Manuel is closely associated with SRI and their ergonomics program.  At Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic Clinic in Menlo Park, Lori Stotko is an associated ergonomics specialist who can assist with onsite evaluations to prevent further injury.Lori's direct contact information is:
Below are some ergonomic guides to assist with your workstation posture.